An app for when you get out and about in the bush living the adventure of a lifetime. Coming Soon.


I am a gold prospector / fossicker. I love to get out in the bush in the outback of Australia and look for gold. But it is easy to get turned around out in the bush and finding your way out can be a problem. That's what inspired me to write this app after some friends got lost in the bush for a while. Thankfully they were found safe and sound in the end.

I am writing this app for prospectors / fossickers and have asked them what they would like in an app and started to write it for them. So its an app for prospectors / fossickers by a prospector / fossicker.

So if, like me, you enjoy getting out and about in the great outdoors and living an adventure, then this is the app for you.


Get out and about in the great outdoors and make Traks. Traks are a record of your adventures, where you have been and can also show where you want to go. Share your photos and videos with friends and followers via Social Media sites such as Facebook® and YouTube®, or send posts directly to your friends via E-Mail. Find out where the rest of your group is with the click of a single button. Designed to be quick and easy to use so that every time you open up MakeTraks, you'll see your current location and information designed to help you get to where you need to go.
  • Shows your current location in real time

    Using the built-in GPS technology in your device MakeTraks keeps you informed of where you are as you are on the go.
  • Shows group members locations

    Its always great to get together with friends and go out into the bush for an adventure. With the click of a button MakeTraks will show your location and the locations of any group members running the app who are in range.
  • Traks your movements in real time

    MakeTraks records Traks of your movements in realtime from your starting point through to your final destination. You can augment these Traks by recording waypoints along the way.
  • Compass

    Left home without the compass, no problem theres one built into the app. Just run a quick calibration and the devices GPS will provide a true North heading.
  • Record your finds along the way

    You never know what you will find out in the bush, everything from junk, hidden caches through to gold nuggets so now you can record the details of that unique find.
  • Mark where you left the car

    Having a fixed point of reference like your car is a great way to find your way back out of the bush. Before you set off mark where you parked the car so you can easily find your way back to it.
  • Import and Export your Traks

    Sync your device with your desktop PC. Import new Traks of where you want to go. Export your existing Traks of where you have been out into popular mapping software such as Google Earth® for viewing at home.
  • Share your adventure

    Share your photos and videos with friends and followers via Social Media sites such as Facebook® and YouTube®, or send posts directly to your friends via E-Mail.


Mark Zoidberg
“I love this app, it's probably my favourite app on my iPad, everything works well and the filters are good, my only concern is on direct message when somebody comments on your video/photo you always have to go onto it and refresh it to be able to find out if anybody had commented or liked."
Garry Smith
"Perfect Now I can show people all of my food!!! Just kidding, app is really great for showing some of important moments from your life. Now this being said, please return squared profile pictures, those circles don't really cut it."


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